Through the tears…

With the good, comes the bad.

With the awesome, comes the terrible.

I believe the existence of one, allows the other.  In fact, experiencing them each allows the other to be felt more deeply as well.

Laughter and pain,

joy and sorry,

they are two sides of the same coin.

Without the tears, we can not see life’s rainbows.

joy and sorrow

I have to admit I am a tad obsessed with watercolor pours lately.  Taking some of my liquid water color is a cup, I add a tad more water and pour in random patterns onto watercolor paper.  Then, tip and tilt and let them blend. (Doing it over the sink or outside works best!) For this image, I used only the primary colors and let them do their own blending magic.  With gel medium, I attached the quotation to the bottom!

Thanks for reading!  Happy creating!

10 thoughts on “Through the tears…

  1. This is a simple technique (as described) with extraordinary results. I love watercolor, own a basic cheap color set, but lack skill in creating something with it. This is inspiring me to try something, anything even if it doesnt turn out well. -Nizzy

    • It really is fun to do! And I swear its as easy as I describe… so long as you don’t mind some paint on your hands :). Looking forward to seeing what you create!!!

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