Super Moon

moon orange

Super moon behind clouds

Here in the United States, we had the pleasure of viewing a “super moon” this past weekend.  The moon was very close as well as bright and full.  I could have stayed out with it all night.

One of the things I relished was that it forced me to learn how to shoot the moon, so to speak.  Night time photography has never been my thing, though I have long enjoyed viewing it.  How could I let this once in a life time moon pass me by?!  So, off the the internet I went.  I found this awesome article by Lightstalking and it did just the trick.

Already familiar with my camera, I still had to break out my tripod, my remote shutter release and of course, my battery was dead.  But I was not thwarted!  For the shots here, I used an ISO of 100, a shutter speed of 1/60th and an aperature of f 11- f 16 with manual focus because autofocus did not cut it! (Yes, I tried… *hangs head in photography shame*)

I found it so satisfying to actually take my camera completely off any automatic mode whatsoever and achieve some fun moon shots.  So glad I put the effort into trying!

Do you have a camera?  Have you managed to take it off automatic?  What do you think would finally help you to do so?  I have to say, its a lot of fun!

For a great poem about the super moon… check out this post by writingsofamrs.  Loved it!

Thanks for taking a look!

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