3 Duct Tape Craft Tips

diy bubble

Big Bubble Blowers

Well, I have lived to tell the tale.  I managed to bring the super bubble blowers to my daughter’s school and make them with the entire class!

A couple of quick tips I learned for prepping your duct tape craft for a party or class project ahead of time:

1) When your duct tape is going to be out of commission for a while, be sure to fold over the end.  This makes it much easier to start the roll again quickly and without getting that silly long half piece tear.

2)  Although the first inclination is to cut the tape with scissors, ripping it is actually faster and easier.

Duct tape tip diy

Put duct tape on parchment to cut and store tape ahead of time

DIY Duct tape preparation

Duct tape comes easily off parchment, even after a week!

3) Believe it or not, I found THE prep solution for party favor/class duct tape prep…  Parchment paper!  Yup.  You can cut, rip or tear duct tape and press it down onto parchment paper.  It will not stick.  I placed pre-cut strips onto different sheets of parchment and then was able to lay the pages on top of each other.  I rolled the parchment gently back up like a poster and secured with a rubber band.  This way, I was able to transport the tape for the activity and had it ready to roll for little first grade hands!

duck tape crafts tricks

duct tape craft tips

With all of these rolls of duct tape on hand and summer boredom looming, we will be sure to make and create many more duct tape crafts.  Stay tuned!

If you haven’t already, check out this duct tape craft: Easy Duct Tape Purses.

Thanks for reading and happy creating!

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