Sentiments for a rainy day

kitchen painting coffee whimsy

No coffee?!

What do you mean “No Coffee?”

You won’t like me without coffee…

One of the things I love about mixed media is that I get to play with a lot of different stuff.  For this little lady, I created papers in Photoshop to collage on the background.  Then used a fake credit card (offer card) to spread some acrylic paints on the background once assembled.  The girl was drawn in my journal and photocopied.  She was then outlined and I used copic markers to color in her skin.   She was then added to the background and the rest of the details were filled in using acrylic paint.  For fun, I used some gelly roll sparkle pens on her eyes, bow and shirt.  Words added with gel medium as well and voila!

Am I crazy for loving to use so many different mediums?  Maybe.  I do know that it allows me to continually challenge what combinations I use!

Thanks for looking!

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