10 Easy Steps to become a miserable artist

watercolor crayons

How to be miserable as an artist


Saw these hanging on the wall at my daughter’s drum lesson studio and thought they were too great not to share:

How to Make Yourself Feel Miserable as a Creative: (adapted a tad)

1) Constantly compare yourself to others in your same craft

2) Base the entire success of your career on one project

3) Stick only with what you know

4) Undervalue your expertise

5) Let money dictate exclusively what you do

6) Only work on what you think others will love

7) Do only what the client/patron/gallery owner asks

8) Base your artistic merit on the comment sections of your posts

9) Never take time to recharge

10) Set unachievable/overwhelming goals, to be accomplished by tomorrow.

So, I am not sure where the originals came from but thanks for putting them out there!

Thanks for reading and keep on creating!

11 thoughts on “10 Easy Steps to become a miserable artist

  1. Reblogged this on Self-Help for Creatively Deprived and commented:
    Sometimes checklists come along who nail the art of doing it wrong so well, you have to share. This is one. Yesterday I have made probably the ugliest painting ever. It reflected my mood and that made me proud. But in the back of my mind the little devil was saying: “You will never be good, this is really ugly.” Doesn’t matter. It is up on my cupboard. For every visitor to see. Because this is who I am too. Sometimes I feel bad, so what comes out might not be great to look at. It compares to the inside. Apart from that; look at this list. I hope you don’t tick too many boxes of this list. Or, well, if you do, like me, we have something to work on. And that’s what life is all about I guess.

  2. I will be posting this along with my thoughts tonight. I will be back with the shortcode once I have finished.
    By the way, I found your link on OM’s tonight. I am happy to say your blog is very appealing to my senses. I have elected to follow you and I would like it if you would consider looking at my blog, leaving a message and perhaps becoming a follower as well. I appreciate any attention as I am greedy LOL!!
    Cathy the Bagg Lady

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