Officially Faking It.

Yup, today I began officially faking being a photographer.  Now, now.  Hopefully my title caught your attention but didn’t take your mind to the gutter!

OK, so I am a photographer… I have a nice camera, some nice lenses, some filters.  I have taken courses and learned editing software.  I even shoot out of “manual mode.”  (insert oooooooohhhhhh here.)

But I don’t consider myself a photographer.  I am not a professional.  I don’t even use the term amateur.  The funny thing is, my children do.

My son, after watching me fiddle on the computer for the one millionth time with a photo, simply asked…

“Mom, why aren’t you just a photographer?”

Um… because I’m not?

Now, keep in mind, I am not trying to pull a Yahoo! CEO flub here… with her comment recently:

“There’s no such thing as Flickr Pro today because [with the pervasiveness of cameras and the number of people uploading photos] there’s really no such thing as professional photographers anymore,” Mayer said.

I do believe there are professionals.  I know professionals.  I am floored by professionals.

So how is it that I am faking it then?

Well, I opened up an instacanvas gallery.



You can now buy some of my images to hang in your lovely home.

I started to put some of my many, many, many, many nature photographs out on Instagram recently and people I don’t know have actually “liked” them.

Then, I was actually “featured” someplace… and then in another place…

I thought about printing out some of my images and hanging them in a rental place we own.  Afterall, that’s where many of the images come from.  Then I thought, maybe, just maybe, someone **would** think they were professional photos and want to buy them.  So how could they?

Here is the thing… a professional is a person who takes the time to learn and practice and learn and practice.  They goof and continue going.  They stay with something for a long time.  They know their craft inside and out.  They know pit falls and what ifs.  They have mentors. Credentials often help to define a professional… but not always.  The other thing that helps to define a professional is that they are confident in their skills.

In the arts, this is where the subjective kicks in.  Eye of the beholder and all that.  But truth be told, in every professional artistic piece, you can see choices that were made. You can see rules that were followed… and then maybe broken on purpose.

But I think the hardest step in truly being a professional is saying… Yup.  I am good enough…and not relying on someone else to do that for you.

I am taking that step today with my artistic self.   Today I say,

Yup.  I am a photographer.

Professional, amateur or otherwise.  I don’t need a classification.  I take a ridiculous amount of photographs.  I have taken a lot of my personal time to learn the craft and yes, some of them are worthy of hanging in your home.  No.  I do not hold a Fine Arts degree, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night… oh, wait.

So please stop by my gallery and have a gander-

Honestly, I am just glad if you take a look :).

Thanks for reading!!!


4 thoughts on “Officially Faking It.

  1. I am impressed!! Truthfully, I am not kidding!!! You need to start faking it! Your photos are really good! You have the eye for it. The frog and flowers are amazing! Be proud of yourself!!! I know what you mean about technique and breaking rules, but your collection is amazing!!! and this is not coming from a family member… heehee (if you know what I mean:D)
    Congratulations!!! and thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Well, sincerely thank you. I have soooooooooooooo many photos that I could never scrapbook them all, so I figured it was about time to share. THANK YOU for your support. ❤

  2. I agree with Patricia! In my world – the one of teaching – I discovered one really interesting fact – good teachers are born, not made. I mentored teachers with all kinds of qualifications, degrees and letters after their names who should never have been let lose in a classroom. There were others with the bare minimum of training who were naturals and who had the ability to open and inspire their students to become life long learners…… I learnt that ‘training does not the teacher make’ so please take that as a metaphor for your art. Beautiful, beautiful work!

    • Thank you so much Pauline! I couldn’t agree more with your statement- as a therapist I mentored therapists- some had it, some, not so much. I sincerely appreciate your kind words!

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