Recycled Paper Note Pad

paper pile

Paper, paper, everywhere.

And not a piece to use.


OK, so maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but with four children in school, the amount of paper that comes into our house is staggering.

The funny thing is, I am constantly looking for scrap paper. How stupid is that?!

So this paper entrenched momma did something wild and crazy. I made some note pads!


Paper- blank on one side, preferably notices and pages without identifying information

Mod Podge or Decoupage medium

Wide paint brush or foam craft brush.

Recycled box- cereal, Capri Sun, tissue box, shoe box- a tad thicker sort of cardboard works best

Scissors or straight edge cutting tool

Paper clips- rubber bands might work too.


paper lined pile Using my current weeks paper haul, the paper was cut into quarters evenly using a pair of scissors. Cut out a piece of cardboard to the same dimensions (for printer paper this would be 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches.)

Line up top edge of paper with cardboard at the base. Clip paper and cardboard together securely so that the top edge is exposed. If you use thicker cardboard, using a rubber-band for this step might work too. You just don’t want the paper to curl or bend. Additionally, you can use a piece of cardboard both on the top and the bottom and then simply remove the top piece before use.

paper glue layerUsing a paintbrush, foam brush or your finger, apply a thick layer of mod podge along the top edge of the paper stack. Be sure to include the cardboard base.

Allow to dry completely or use heat tool to dry.

paper voila



Voila! Recycled paper note pad!

Gift idea:

paper templateMy daughter wanted to take this idea a step further and she made up a template with 4 different designs in each quadrant. The designs were then photocopied onto the recycled paper before cutting. I secured them in the same manner as described above.


paper padWhen dry, a little ribbon finished the paper pad off! These are a cute home made birthday present for Daddy. I think they would make a cute teacher gift too!

If you are a digital type of creator, simply make a template digitally to print onto the recycled paper. So many cute Photoshop brushes and embellishments to use!

Hopefully this quick and easy project inspires you to use all of your recycled papers!

Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Recycled Paper Note Pad

  1. Great way to use up that paper Kim – I really love your creative daughter too. 🙂 What a lovely gift for just about anybody!. I use up my piles of recyclable paper in the craft room in a myriad of ways – as page protectors and stamp trialers and you-know-what-else. I have made pads before binding with the machine that makes holes and you put plastic self-sealing loops through – urgh! I’ve forgotten what its called …… but I like your modpodge idea very much.

    • I hear ya Pauline! This is just a simple use :). I love to use papers as a background for my mixed media pieces too… and under them and and and :). Glad I gave you one more use!

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