On fear and faith…

My tween daughter said something to me last night and it put a giant knot in my heart. She said,

” Mom, kids go to school and get shot. Kids go to school and are killed by a tornado. People go to the movies and are shot. They run a marathon and are bombed. Kids watch a marathon and die. Why?”

My short answer honestly was, “I don’t know.”  We went on to talk about it further and here is the gist of the conversation…

The reality is, this sort of thing rarely ever happens.  It doesn’t feel that way when news and social media and everything else puts it right smack in your face for days and weeks on end.  But honestly, in the big scheme of life, it rarely happens.

Not too long ago, my daughter had talked to her uncle out in California.  She was studying earth quakes and she had never experienced one.  He said, yup, we have them all the time.  She was astonished.  The only earthquakes she had heard about were the major devastating ones.   I reminded her of that.  Her uncle had also gone to school in the mid west and lived high in a dorm and had lived through tornadoes, safely and without loss.  I told her that.

I asked her how many days she had gone to school safely… a lot… she said. I reminded her of that.  How many times had we gone to the movies safely?  I reminded her of that.  The Boston Marathon had been run since 1897… That’s a hundred plus times that it was run safely too.

It so easy to sink into fear after massive devastation happens.  But that’s not something I want for my children.  Unfortunately, a successfully run marathon does not get the same extensive coverage as a bombing.  I guess because the every day ordinary successes of people don’t get discussed in the same way.  It’s not exciting enough or something. I think that stinks.  We need to “look for the good” in the face of tragedy and make it a practice every day so that fear does not take root in our hearts.  We need to take the lessons taught by the tragedy and learn and practice them well.

I hope that you do not think that this post in any way tries to diminish the horrific incidents outlined here.  The truth is, when they happen, it’s hard to say why.  In fact, it’s impossible. We, man, can speculate about the “why” but will never really know.   For me, this is when I call on faith.

My heart and prayers go out to all of those affected by recent tragedies, especially today for those in Oklahoma.

11 thoughts on “On fear and faith…

  1. It’s a shame and darn right scarey that you can’t feel safe anywhere. My thoughts and prayers also go out all the families affected by recent tragedies.

  2. Dear Kim, its 6 am I’m not long up and coffee to hand, your post is the first thing I have read. So excuse me if this is a bit blurry [ 🙂 ] but I am moved to response immediately. What a fabulous conversation you and tour tween have just had – and right on the button too. You are so right in what you say about the media and bad news….. fear is spread throughout our planet and cultivated on a daily basis by the way they choose to spread news of an event. Personally I no longer watch television news [nor do I read the dreadful celebrity scandal and lies and gossip magazines] as I have chosen to live without fear and in peace and positivity. If something happens that I need to be aware of, I am made aware of it. But I do not go to sleep with images and words that manifest fear in my mind and body from watching and listening and reading the media. When someone comes up with a news broadcast that focuses on the positive aspect of human interaction on a daily basis that I will give my focus to. You mention Oklahoma at the end of your post. I do not yet know what has happened in Oklahoma, but our blogging friend Peace Love Country Music sent me a message on my post last night saying she was hunkering down for a tornado watch………….. so my thoughts turn to her and I picture her safe and well and send much love her way. Thank you for writing such a great post!

    • Honestly Pauline… I am right there with you. I get news second hand, through friends or family typically. After September 11 here in the US, I turned the news off. I started to live in fear for my newborn child… and did not want that, for me or her. Thanks for taking the time to comment :). Sweet as always.

  3. Kim, that is so lovely for you to share your conversation with your daughter. I wish all the mom (and every one else) reads it. You are an amazing soul! Your answers are filled with so much love and positiveness. I am sure your daughter is learning great lessons from you.

    Thanks for sharing!!! 😀

    • Well aren’t you so kind Patricia! I try to stay positive for my family but I tell ya, it’s hard sometimes! :). Thank you for the reblog as well!

  4. Your beautiful heart was speaking to your daughter. And I’m feeling that’s exactly what she needed to hear. Thank you for sharing your heart-centered view with all of us, too.

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