Ordinary or Extraordinary?

As we journey through life, I wonder, are you able to find sacred in the ordinary?  Do everyday things inspire and remind you of your own greatness and potential?

Do you see…

Dandilion_72  A thousand wishes?

Refreshing_72  A refreshing shower?

lilac_72  Your next design color palette?

reflection_72  A reflection?

As creative souls its hard to find inspiration some days.  Today I suggest you take a look around and attempt to find the sacred in the ordinary.  Better yet, document it. Camera, sketch, journal, phone… and let your creative spirit soar!

If you are on Instagram, you may want to check out the hashtag #nothingisordinary.  Lots of inspiration in the ordinary to be found there!  I am just getting started on Instagram (user: otmom4) but the eyecandy on there is amazing… possibly as addictive as Pinterest!  So buyer beware.

4 thoughts on “Ordinary or Extraordinary?

  1. Thank you for another beautiful, thought inspiring post. I really enjoy following you! I have resisted instagram so far – but oh dear,you’ve planted a seed….. I spend so many hours on pinterest, facebook, blogging, what will happen to my life if I add more in……. :-0

  2. Great post! I will check Instagram.

    In my case, I can say that every morning I appreciate my cup of coffee as if was the first I had in years.. heehee 😀
    I also text my boyfriend with a list of three things I most grateful for, in the past 24 hours. We do it everyday, and that keeps us in a state of awareness/

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