What would you bring?

The Things I Bring (mixed media in art journal)

The Things I Bring
(mixed media in art journal)

On the journey of life, we each carefully pack our bags along the way. We fill them with tangible things, emotional things, memories…

Sometimes the bags feel heavy, other times we hardly notice their existence at all.  Their contents however speak volumes about what occupies our heads.

What if today we did a serious dumping of our bags?  I mean, turn them over, spread all over the floor, get into every pocket sort, see the lining of dump.  What would you find?  What fills your bag?  Take inventory or better yet, write the contents down.

Now you have a clean, empty bag.  Something to fill with things of your choice. What would you fill it with for your journey moving forward?

Resentment?  Hate? Fear? Shame?

Love? Courage? Patience? Joy?

It’s not that easy you say!  To which I respond, yes, yes it is.  Simply put, it is your mind and YOU choose what to occupy it with.  If it doesn’t suit you and your purpose and goals moving forward,

dump it out.

And then fill with what brings you happiness.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “What would you bring?

  1. I love the way you explained the how we tend to accumulate stuff through out our lives. Mom used to tell us, constantly, if you fill your heart with resentment and hate, there will be no room for love. So, it stayed with me. However, I did have to clean my bag a few times. heehee 😀

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