There are no creative mistakes…


We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.

~ Bob Ross

I think this is one of the hardest things to learn in our creative process, don’t you?  Bob Ross made his painting process look so simple and easy but in truth it was something he practiced and practiced and practiced.  He didn’t stop the first time his happy little tree got some purple in it, instead he would adjust and change direction and keep going.  The results were always amazing I think.

This idea is something I have been trying to work into my process as well.  That need for perfectionism is something that kept me from working with watercolors in the past, though I simply LOVE how they look.  Not liking my own handwriting has kept me from working on my own lettering, though I think it adds such a lovely whimsical touch.  So silly but so true.

Imagine my surprise when my 6 year old tore up a beautiful flower she made, saying it didn’t look “as good as” mine.  I was horrified.  I had somehow allowed that thought process to creep into my family’s creative safe haven.   I have to admit, I turned to this quote.  Sadly, she simply tore it up further.

Yesterday, while I was practicing in a letter journal, she sat down next to me again and asked to use my markers.  She asked me how to spell some words.  She then asked what else I was doing to the letters.  I told her I was “coloring in all the holes.”  Her response.. ok!

Then I heard the dreaded gasp and sigh.  “Mom! I ruined it!”  I told her to keep going, that it wasn’t a mistake but rather her own personal creative embellishment on the process.  I made no suggestions on what to do.

And she did.

She handed me the finished product and the smile on her face said it all.  Pride in her own work and a sense of accomplishment, despite a bump in the road.  It’s all her own… and I love it!

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7 thoughts on “There are no creative mistakes…

  1. What a good mom! Isn’t this just how we learn the art of parenting – just like the creative process – we see/hear our actions and words reflected back to us from our babes and change direction! Beautiful work!

    • Thanks Patricia! I just love how it turned out too! I am a student of the “teachable moment”… seizing those just right times when a lesson will truly sink in. They are hard to spot sometimes but when you do, they sure do stick! 🙂 . Thanks for the comment!

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