Creative Recharge

The demands these days for creativity are greater than ever, don’t you think?  With innovations and technology and standards changing faster than the speed of life, we need high speed creative performance on demand sometimes- for work, for home, for life- just to stay in the game.  But what are we doing to nourish creativity?

Demands of time, energy and competing needs can suck the life blood out of creativity right from your very core.  Oh, I’ll create when I have time or I’ll create when thus and such is done.  I’ll create when I get the perfect idea.  Things churn in your head and rattle around… trying to get out.


We search for inspiration.  And let me tell you, there are many many wonderful places for inspiration!  But when your creative spirit is feeling pent up, fear creeps in.  That is a beautiful photo on Instagram, but I don’t have the right stuff or enough knowledge or enough time to do that.

So the question becomes… if not today, then when?

Have you ever set time aside to nurture your creative spirit?  Can you create without the fear that what you make will not be the next great masterpiece?  Do you go in search of silence in your mind by letting all of the rattlings out so that new creative dreams can take root?

Having just spent a weekend away from laundry, away from the internet and away from my usual routine, I can’t recommend a recharge highly enough.

Take some time for yourself… away from it all… away from people if you need to…  go on a drive, go on a hike, get a massage.  Feel the quieting of your mind so that you can have clarity in your creative self.


Thanks for reading.




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