When Words Elude You…

Imagine learning how to type… for the first time… in the dark… with your eyes closed.  The only way you would know if what you were doing was correct was by what happened around you.  This is how I think of apraxia.  Words in your brain… trying to make it to your mouth… getting lost often along the way.

This is what my son has learned to do… pave new pathways in his brain.  Get the words out of his head.  His determination and motivation and persistence inspire me daily.  The seemingly small things he accomplishes are mountains in his road to “typical” speech.  A question, an inflection, a song…  all gifts to my ears.

Mixed Media

“His heart was full of song, though he could not sing the words.”

Each word spoken truly is a treasure.  (remind me of that when he has said my name 78 times in a row while I am cooking dinner would you?!)

Thanks for looking and reading!

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