A 4 Year Old: On Money

My little man is an iPad master.  He has always been good with technical things, choosing to figure things out instead of ask for help.  With apraxia, it was just easier.  He knows about iTunes and app purchases.  He knows about in-app purchases and how sometimes the things you can get for free are not as good as the things you can buy with in game gold.  He also knows that we use gift cards only on the iPad and when they run out, they run out.  So, our conversation went something like this a few weeks ago…
Little Man: I want some gold on the pluter
Me: We need to buy a gift card at the store. Maybe tomorrow.
LM: (Goes to get wallet) I have a dollar.
Me: We can use that to get the card tomorrow.
LM: Will they give it back or something?
Me: Nope, once you buy something with it, your dollar is gone.
LM:Oh… then you can use your dollars… (puts wallet away)… Let’s read a book.

Well, the Easter egg hunt recently made him flush with cash.  He now has $7.00 and “come coinies.”

The other day, while making breakfast, it was a tad too quiet.  Quiet + Preschooler = instant suspicion! So I went to see what was going on.  He had taken out the identification card from his wallet… aka… the insert with logo and bar code with numbers.  He found a marker and had cash in hand.

LM: Mom, can you draw this money on the card?
Me: Um, it doesn’t work that way
LM: But I have dollars (hands me his treasure)
Me: Well, this isn’t the right gift card
LM: If you put money on it, it will work.

Now, you have to realize, this little man is more than determined.  Since birth, his persistence was what got him what he needed when verbal communication eluded him.  So, with marker in hand, I wrote $1.00 on the card and he handed me a dollar in return.  We then set about putting the barcode numbers into the Redeem portion of the app store.  They of course did not work.

Me: Well, that didn’t work.
LM: I thought it would.  OK.  I need my dollar back.

It made me smile…  this simple life lesson, a creative solution to a problem at hand given the knowledge he had and resolution because I took the time to try what he wanted to try.

Needless to say, we purchased an iTunes card the next time we went to the store.  If only it were that easy… just draw the money on!

Thanks for reading!

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