Quick 3 Step Gift Pins

I am trying to get ahead of the end of year teacher gift game this year.  It is not my typical m.o. but this year is turning out to be anything else but typical.  So a googling I went!

I love Pinterest for finding and sharing inspiration (so feel free to check my boards out if you like!)  I also like to be realistic about what I can and will actually do in terms of home made gifts.  I love the idea of them but truth be told, I rarely plan enough time!

Anywho, when I saw this little tutorial over at Infarrantly Creative for cute little homemade earrings, I had to check out what I could do!  I am not an earring accessory sort of girl (give me my little hoops and call it good) but off to the craft store I went.

The concept is simple… backing, glue and hard plastic sticker accessory.  I found some cute lapel pin backs and instantly knew what I could do!

What you will need:

1) lapel pin backs (found in the jewelry and bead section of the store)

2) Hot glue with gluegun or E6000 glue (found with the adhesives)

3) Cute front accessory- Here I used a glitter sticker set from Recollections (found in the scrapbooking section) but you could use a flower or butterfly or anything else you like to spruce up a cute pin!


1) Peel the adhesive off the back of the sticker (if present on what you are using.)  You can do this with your nail, getting under the edge and carefully scrapping it back.  I don’t recommend attempting to pull it off in one giant swoop.

pin step 1

2) Add a dab of glue to the accessory back.  If you are using E6000, I recommend using a toothpick.  Let the E6000 set for a few minutes. (Be sure to use a well ventilated area.) You can do the same with a hot glue gun as well to avoid all that stringy mess.  Hot glue sets quickly, so if you use hot glue, proceed to next step quickly!

pin final step

3) Set backing into glue and gently press into place.  Let set over night for best seal!

VOILA!  You have a cute little pin!!!  So easy right?!


Scrapbooking materials tend to be a bit seasonal in nature in stores, so you may have to be creative and do a little searching and advanced planning for special event pins but I thought these would be so cute for birthdays, Easter, St. Patricks Day, 4th of July…  Even a pretty flower to easily spruce up an outfit with a pop of color.  So many easy options!  These cute little balloons are going to my teacher sister.  I think they will be so cute to wear on her special day to school without being too overkill.  Hope she likes them.

I would love to hear if you give this easy craft a try!  Enjoy!

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