Mundane or Magnificent?

We have all heard it… “You need to stop and smell the roses.”

Slow down. Appreciate the little things. Blah blah blah. What does that mean anyway?  Sit on my rump and watch more tv instead of doing household chores?  Drive slowly?  Walk slowly when I have places to be and things to do?!  I mean seriously, four children are not going to slow down.

As a working mom, this is something I have tried to do over the years to little avail.  I have tried to slow down time with the magic powers of my mind and the proverbial sniff of the roses but still it speeds by.  Now I realize that my “baby” is going to Kindergarten in the fall.  ACK!!!!

Sometimes, just sometimes, it actually does seem to slow down however.  But how can that be?  When I was getting married, I asked a recently married friend to give me her best ever advice for the day.  It was simple.  She said “Stop during dinner.  Put your fork down.  Close your eyes and hear the sounds.  Smell the smells.  Then open your eyes and look around.  Look at every table.  See who is there and how they are enjoying themselves.  Take a bite of the meal you so carefully picked and taste how yummy it is.  Hold your new hubby’s hand and feel the love you have for each other.  Savor the moment because it will fly by so fast.”  That turned out to be the best advice I received for that day.  THAT is the moment I remember the best. So what was the difference between that moment and the rest of that special day?  I believe it’s perception and perspective.

mundane1   marvelous1

Our senses are so carefully tuned to take and and leave out information that most of the time we are not consciously aware of what they are doing for us.  How often do was actually engage our mind to THINK about what we are sensing?  Do we change our perspective to further engage a sense?  Do we lean in to smell that fresh baked cookie before we throw it into our mouth?  Do we get down to child level for a photo to see what they really see?  Do we catch the light streaming through a flower or do we stand in it with our own shadow?  Small movements and changes in how we take time to engage the environment with our wonderful senses make all the difference in how it is all perceived.  It goes from whizzing by to a memorable occasion.  It goes from mundane to magnificent.

mundane2  Robin in winter

So as the seasons change this time of year, take a moment, to enjoy all of your senses and what they tell you about an experience.  Take a moment to change your perspective and see something in a whole different light.  Sniff a rose or two and slow down time.  I know I am going to try.

Thanks for stopping by.

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