I won’t stand for NOT STANDING FOR


Not sure the creator of this gem (his siggie is really small in the corner) as it was shared in my FB timeline… so had to share with you all here. Thank you to its creator!

* WARNING! This is a soapbox post and only a soapbox post. If this were a real post, you would be directed to pay attention to pretty visuals and have warm fuzzy thoughts. *

Steps up onto bathroom step-stool since a soapbox was not readily available. Taps microphone- tap tap tap.

I have decided its time for me to speak. I have a blog, so that’s what I am supposed to do right? I typically stray clear of controversy and politics and nasty things, but lately they seem to be surrounding me and pulling me in.  (I think it was too much time watching TV while I have been sick for the past 10 days.) It started to hit me at election time but really it was a long time before that… being bombarded daily with this group against this person or cause, this group against that group or cause. What really put me over the edge and caused me to write such a post you ask? It was a series of commercials on television. The television stars in the commercial wear tee shirts that read “I won’t stand for _______.” They then filled in their personal blank. I completely get the idea but it was that same message. I won’t. I can’t stand. You shouldn’t. We are AGAINST.  In this case, the negative message I guess was supposed to react to the negative behavior by the other group and do what… Magically cause positive change?  I know its part of a bigger campaign but that is not what the focus of the commercial is.

So I ask, how is it that adopting an “I won’t stand for” or “I am against” attitude have any effect other than perpetuating a negative attitude?  It’s an “I don’t like you because you don’t like me” attitude.  What are we, in second grade?  Is this what we teach our children?  Now kids, if someone doesn’t like you, be sure to not like them right back.  In fact, children, make sure you tell everyone how much you don’t like that person or group of people.  That will be sure to make the whole situation much better!  Um, I don’t think so.   Yet, this is the example we are setting?!

And in continuing, I ask, what POSITIVE thing are we doing to rectify the situations we so greatly deplore?  Are we speaking out with solutions or only finding problems? Are we leading by example? Are we walking the walk or only talking the talk?  The greatest social leaders in history were indeed against something in their civil causes but you know what… they never had a platform of we are AGAINST because, indeed, the against is the root of the problem.  Against is that negative emotion at the very heart of hate and discrimination and fear.  Against does not open your mind to creative solutions to major social and environmental problems.  Against focuses our energies in the WRONG direction.

I guess that’s what really bugs me.  The “Against” groups very rarely put up the solutions.  They are sure to point out the problems, like all the time and every chance they can get… but show me the money!  OK, so I agree that hate and discrimination and environmental issues are problems, but what are the solutions?  Tell me!   And yet, no answers are provided.  The group then becomes another blow hard, full of hot air, lip service wanna be do gooders without the proper platform to really make a positive change.   Yes, I want positive change!  But where are our creative thinkers and our keen minds coming up with fantastic new ways to do things?  Why do these people not have 10K likes on their FB page?  Why do we not promote them through social media?  Where are they?

So today, in keeping in accordance with promise I made to myself a long time ago, I am going to tell you what I DO STAND FOR. For if I can not do it, I can’t ask others to…


I promise to teach my children by positive example and attitude so that they can grow in hope and love and faith as well. I promise to find solutions with them and not only problems, for all problems have solutions if you are willing to look and persevere. I promise to be part of the solution and not a greater part of the problem.  Will you pledge with me to be FOR the greater good?

Thanks for reading.

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