From the heart…

So what sort of so called crafty Mom would I be if I let Valentine’s Day pass without doing something crafty with my kiddos?! So with little man by my side, we dug into making watercolor hearts, using my favorite crafting medium… Coffee filters. Yup. Coffee filters. They absorb water wonderfully and are durable. I love to use them as backgrounds for mixed media stuff and make flowers and snowflakes with them… And, and, and… But I digress.

heart supplies
To make the hearts, we used white coffee filters and watercolor Neocolor crayons and Faber Castel gelatos. Basically, we used watercolor a in crayon form. Any water soluble coloring agent will work though, including water washable markers, dot-a-dot markers, the filled watercolor kids paint sets, water color pencils. You get the idea.
*FAIL* I tried this with a set of markers that weren’t water soluable and it sooooo did not work!


Start by folding the filter in half and cut half a heart shape. Then, you can fold again if you like for color variation sake. If using a liquid water color, load up the brush with lots of pigment with a little water and color your folded heart, turning it over to get all white areas seen. If you are using markers or water color crayons, color as you normally would. Coloring doesn’t have to be perfect as the next step will help it all bleed together. When satisfied with coverage, dip one end of the folded heart into a small amount of,water and let it absorb up into the filter. Do not soak. *FAIL* we tried that and it turned a lovely muddy color and fell apart!


When just about covered in water, ball up the filter in your hand to blend the colors. Squeeze out any excess water. Then, carefully and gently open to reveal your creation! So cool!


This task took all of 10 minutes to do and provided many spontaneous teachable moments. When I started doing the activity, the little man really wanted to watch Spongebob instead. I said, fine, but was going to make a heart instead. He watched as I did it and I think it was my showing him my first heart and saying, “Hey! Look what I made!” that made him enticed enough to try himself. It was a great chance to review colors with my son, to help him to realize the joy of using more than one color. (His pre-k teacher is always telling me… He only uses blue!)  We talked about getting it wet, but not too wet, about how the colors blend to make new colors, about what absorbing means.  His wonder was amazing to see as we revealed the creations! Best of all? He loved giving his newly created “beautiful” heart to his grandmother for Valentines Day.

I hope you had a wonderful family filled Valentine’s Day too.

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